List of countries that offer visa extension after graduating to look for a job 📋

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Visa extension after graduating is an important issue for foreign students.

When we take the decision to study abroad we should think carefully about some stuff that only a few people do.

Mainly all of us take a deep look at the syllabus, schedule, scholarships, internships, sports facilities, the nightlife in the city, the culture of the country… But what just a few people do is to check the “legal benefits” as immigrants in the country.

And believe me, after 6 years studying abroad, this can become a nightmare when you try to look for a job! 🤯

At the end of the post, you have a list of the main countries with their period of the visa extension and a URL to the information website. But first, let me explain to you what is about!

What is Visa extension after graduating?

In most European countries, when you graduate you can apply for what is called a Visa Extension in order to look for a job.

In simple words, it is a right that some countries give foreign students to get the chance to work in a country where they have invested their time and money for several years.

Unfortunately, this does not happen in all the countries (and obviously I am speaking just about the big and developed ones, which in fact are the most demanded places by international students).

In my last post, “What you MUST know before to study a master in Spain if you are not from an EU/EEA/CH country 🎓🇪🇸 ” I speak about the difficulties that face non-EU students to find a job in this country after graduating because the Spanish government does not provide this benefit.

For how long it is granted the visa extension?

It depends on the country.

There are countries like Germany who give 18 months and others like Spain who does not give anything.

List of countries that offer visa extension after graduating

Here you have a list with 15 countries and their respective time of visa extension.

Countries Months of Visa Extention after graduating URL (click on the icon)
🇫🇮 Finland 12 🌐
🇸🇪 Sweden 6 🌐
🇳🇴 Norway 0 🌐
🇩🇰 Denmark 6 🌐
🇮🇸 Iceland * 0*
🇫🇷 France 12 🌐
🇩🇪 Germany 18 🌐
🇪🇸 Spain 0
🇱🇹 Lithuania ** 12** 🌐
🇱🇻 Latvia ** 12** 🌐
🇪🇪 Estonia 6 🌐
🇧🇪 Belgium 0
🇳🇱 The Netherlands 12 🌐
🇵🇹 Portugal * 0*
🇮🇹 Italy *** 12*** 🌐
  • Countries with 1 asterisk (*) means that there is no information in their immigration website about visa extension.
  • Countries with 2 asterisks (**) mean the information is not totally clear (for example it may apply just in specific cases).
  • Italy is the only country with 3 asterisks because the VE is just for Master and Ph.D. graduates.

I hope this information has been useful to you.
In case you would like to know more about visa extension in other countries like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand… just let me know in the comments below 👇🏻.

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      Hi Umar,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Well, as you can see I have spoken just about the most demanded European countries, and Australia is not among them 😉
      As I said at the end of the post, if there is a high interest among the readers on more countries, I can update the list and add more 😊 Just leave in the comments the countries you want to know more about!


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